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Jingle Production | Musical Branding

Through the process of creating a customized jingle production, Katie can make your product or brand sing. Custom jingles are a catchy way to market your product in a competitive marketplace. The "musical imaging" of a jingle can be used in several ways, each working in concert (no pun intended) to get the most mileage, value and exposure from the investment. These include:

· Broadcast/Commercials

· Message on Hold

· Your Website

· Social Media

· Ringtones

· In the Office - sometimes musical signatures can be presented in the office, in the reception area and/or in audio or video presentations.

With your help, establishing the right jingle for broadcast usage is a three step process:

1. First, you and Katie would collaborate and come up with a TV or radio commercial jingle and script

2. Next, Katie would identify something to call out that you would want listeners or viewers to remember

3. Katie would use her singing voice and work with a musician to develop jingle music that would help make your product, brand or service memorable

To listen to a sample of Katie's jingles, click here:

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